Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Album: Listen to "Setembro" from Leonor Andrade

Leonor Andrade - "Setembro" (Released: 13.05.2016)
One year ago represented Leonor Andrade Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna with her song "Há um Mar que nos Separa", but she failed to qualify to the Grand Final. Last year in October released Leonor Andrade a promising new single called "Strong For To Long".

In the last month Leonor was working on her debut album "Setembro" (Engl. "September"). The album includes 10 tracks, some of them are her latest singles "Já Conheci" and "Strong For To Long". The album is with songs in English and Portugese languages.


  1. Strong for Too Long 03:35
  2. Já Conheci 03:06
  3. Não Dá Mais 03:24
  4. Arde Em Mim 02:46
  5. My Heart Is Bleeding Out of My Chest 04:03
  6. Escapas-me 03:33
  7. Deixa-me o Chão (feat. Marisa Liz) 03:32
  8. Requiem 03:57
  9. Setembro  03:18
  10. Fool 04:11
We already listened the album and we are in love with it. Don't miss to listen especially those songs:

Support Leonor Andrade and her music. Download her new album "Setembre" and her latest single "Strong For Too Long" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

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