Friday, October 31, 2014

Lordi: New album 'Scare Force One' out now!

LORDI - 'Scare Force One' (Released: 31.10.2014)

The hard rock band Lordi from Finland represented their country in 2006 with the song 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'. The band with the zombie faces won this competition with 292 points. This was the first and only victory for Finland since their first participation in 1963.

Do you remember 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'?

Lordi - 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'

Today they released their new album 'Scare Force One' and this is the tracklist:

  1. SCG7: Arm Your Doors and Cross Check 
  2. Scare Force One 
  3. How to Slice a Whore 
  4. Hell Sent in the Clowns 
  5. House of Ghosts 
  6. Monster Is My Name 
  7. Cadaver Lover 
  8. Amen’s Lament to Ra II 
  9. Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein 
  10. The United Rocking Dead 
  11. She’s a Demon 
  12. Hella’s Kitchen 
  13. Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir!

Buy the album on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

The new album is also available in a 'Special Edition' (includes CD & T-Shirt).

Find out more about Lordi and follow them:

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